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BLACK HAWK is now being launched by Weyfires in a selected range with limited editions.

BLACK HAWK is a 38 mm paddle racket in 3K Carbon, developed together with experienced players and manufactured in limited edition.
The racket’s slightly shorter handle and well-balanced relief-coated impact surface make it easier to direct the stroke. The reinforced wrist strap creates a more stable grip. The racket is intended for a slightly more experienced player with demands for good kontroll and comfortable feeling in the game.

For more information and ordering, please contact us by email at blackhawk@weyfire.com.



During the 1920s, ”the happy twenties” – the boom that was characterized of economic, social, artistic and cultural dynamics occurred. Major advances in technology, science, art and literature were made and the role of women in society also became greater. The jazz age prevailed and the entertainment scene flourished in both New York, London, Paris and Berlin. 

Griffin Weyfire is a tribute to this joyful era and an active lifestyle in its spirit. The vision – to represent a wonderful lifestyle that attracts active people.

An historic connection between the joy of life of the time and the current view of work and pleasure is paddle tennis that has its suposed origin from the 1920s where the sport was practiced in English cruise ships under similar forms as it is played today.

Therefore, BLACK HAWK is now being launched by Weyfire in a selected range with limited editions.